Pubg Mobile Season 15 leaks surface online - Release Date, Outfits with a new Pubg Mobile Virus Mode and more

Hello Guys, The Publishers and Developers of PUBG Mobile Game have started a new project Known as season 15 Although, season 14 is now going on but not still officially out. However, On 13th Sept season, 14 will be ending. 

Pubg Mobile Season 15 Leaks

Season 15 Release date and Royale Pass

As we told above that the season 14 is ending on 13th Sept so, it is understandable that the season 15 will release after the ending of season 14. But if we talk about the release date of season 15 and royal pass will be on 15th Sept 2020. But In season 15, Royal pass has two stages which are Elite Royale pass you can Buy it by (600 UC) and 1800 (UC).

Season 15 Rewards

In the Free Pubg Royale Pass, At 20 RP you will get a free emote, and at 30 RP you will get A Season 15 Parachute Skin. But in Elite Royale Pass, You will Get Exciting Reward at starting 1st RP. The Most expensive outfit Of Season 15 is the 100 RP Outfit.

Features of PUBG Season 15

Pubg Mobile Season 15 Leaks & More

Introducing New Virus Mode

In season 15 there will be the addition of New Virus mode. As In this new mode the players have to wear a face mask for Preventing his body because In this mode they have to fight against the giant virus ball mainly, In this mode, only there is one enemy of the player who is the giant Virus ball. See the photo Down.
Pubg Mobile Season leaks 15 new Virus Mode

Addition of New Character Sunny

With the release of season 15, there will be an addition of a new character whose name is Pubg Mobile Character Sunny. But, About the character no such more information about him but it is expected that he will be seen with a black dress with gold bordering.

Season 15 New Skins

Although, In the new season’s many things are to be changed, the most exciting thing is the Changement in the skins of players. Because In the upcoming season 15 the players have the benefit of the addition of new skin which would result in the better appearance of the player and also gives motivation, with this skins you can be like a Pro Pubg Mobile Player. new design, style to the game and users. Also, some new skins and parachute skins are to be introducing and being part of the game. 

Erangel changes

On the terms of changes in the locations, Now In season 15, the Erangel map will be going to get some changes. As per the leaks, there are very fewer buildings to be seen in the game. Meanwhile, some buildings are to go out from the Erangel map.

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So Friends, these are Some Pubg Mobile Season 15 Leaks. For more leaks stay Tuned.

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