approval trick 2020 - Approve Website in 24 Hours

Hello, Guys in this Post i will tell you approval trick 2020, Read this article Carefully to know get your website approved easily on in 1 day.

Before that i will going to tell you some Points you want to apply your website, then you will not get any Problem in approving your website.

So all of you people keep reading Carefully. If you don't Understand everything you can Comment me down i will answer your problem in 6 Hours. Approval Trick 2020, How to get approval Approval Trick 2020 approval Trick 2020

So let's Know in detail about approval Trick 2020 ,If you are not getting Google Adsense Approval & Facing Some Problems then you have Best Adsense Alternative That is, by This you can also earn Money & Transfer it to Directly to your bank account.

So, in this article i will tell you four to five things you apply in your website and Start earning Money by There.

So Friends is a very big Company and have some Policies, this policies if you not follow your website will rejected & you will not use ads on Your website or Blog.

If you read Downside Points carefully than you will get absolutely approval. approval trick to get Your website approved in 24 Hours

How to get approval 2020, approval trick 2020
How to get approval 2020

Friends, Now let me tell you approval trick 2020. If you use it regularly, than you will also get Google Adsense approval also.

#1. Write Articles In English Language

So friends the first point is write your articles in English not copy the articles from other websites & anywhere else.

Apart from this, language of all articles on your website should be in English, if it is in Hindi then the will not approve your website & reject it.
Keep it on your Mind, and if there is and article in Hindi First Make it in English.

#2. Submit Your Website in Bing & Google webMaster 

The another trick to get approval on is to submit Your website & sitemap of your website to Bing webMaster and Google webMaster.

You should Carefull that all of Your Website articles & Pages will indexed on Bing & Google webMaster.

#3. Maximum Traffic you will get From Us,Uk & Caneda

Friends the third trick to get your website approved on is to get Traffic to Your website from Us,Uk and Caneda.

But do not get Paid, Fake & Non-Organic traffic to your website otherwise not give you approval.

Try to get traffic from Bing & Google webMaster Search & Organic Traffic.

#4. Create Policy Pages & Use Best Theme to your website 

Friends our Shortest & last trick is that to create Policy Pages to Your website & Navigate them Clearly to get user easily to your Policy Pages.

Some of Policy Pages are Privacy Policy,About Us,Contact Us,Disclaimer & DMCA.

You have to use the best theme to Your website that is light weight, white Coloured, easily readable, easily User can Navigate And Ads Ready Theme/Template on Your Website.

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Friends, through this article I told you approval trick 2020. If you use this all Tricks you will get absolutely approval of within 24 Hours. And You not have any Problem, yet you have any problem Than you will Comment Me below i will definitely Help You.

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