Best 5 Profitable Blogging Niches/Categories 2020 - Best Blogging Niches 2020

Best 5 Profitable Blogging Niches/Categories 2020 - Best Blogging Niches 2020

Hello Friends, welcome Back to Technical Harshraj in This Post I will tell you about Best blogging niches 2020. Read This full article Carefully to get Best Blogging Niches For 2020.

By This Blogging Niches you will Get High Traffic With Low Competition and Earn Money with Adsense or any other Ad Network within one or Two Months.

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Best Profitable Blogging Niches 2020

If You want to make a Blog or already maked it and Not have Any Topic to Upload Content On it, So you will be at Right Place. I will give you four or Five Best Profitable Niches to work.

Among Friends, i will earning by Different-Different Blogs by Uploading Content On Any Topic.

But i will suggest You that if You are New Blogger You want To Work At Low Competition Keywords Only To Rank Faster and A Good Amount of Traffic.

In this Niches along with Profit Your Website/Blog Ranks Quickly on Any Search Engine.

5 Profitable Best Blogging Niches 2020

So Let's Know about Best Blogging Niches 2020. In this Niches You Can Start Your Own Blog/website but You have To Not Invest at all.

If You Make a blog On any Topic I give You but You not Get Success on It. Your any Money will Not be Wasted.

You Can Go to and Make Your Free Blog and Work On It. Post one or Two Post Daily with More Than 500 Words and Do Seo(Search Engine Optimization) and Than Index your Blog On Google. You will Definitely Success On It.

So Let us Know Best Blogging Niches 2020.

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Best Blogging Niches 2020

#1. Food

Friends, our First Topic of Blog Niches is Food. You can Create a website on Food which tells in a specific Country which Food Is Eaten,Which Food Is Best.

Apart From This You can Also create Your website on Recipes of Famous Foods. Or you can make website of a specific food is Healthy or Not. And Giving Your Reason and Opinion of Food.

Friends, this is such a great Topic You can Create a website and Work On It.

#2. Relationship

Friends, the second Category Is Relationship. In this topic you will get lot of categories and lot of Traffic on each topic. And by using it you can earn Lot of Money.

In this topic you will get Best Low Competition Keywords and Rank Your website easily.

Down is some Ideas about Category Below.

  1. Relationship Quotes
  2. Relationship Quotes Images
  3. Relationship WhatsApp Status
  4. Relationship Skills and
  5. Relationship Instagram Bio Ideas etc topics are there.

#3. Gaming

Friends, third Topic Of Blog Niches is Gaming. If You have interest in Playing Games You can Create Website On Gaming. Or Create A Gaming YouTube Channel.

I am Also Working on Gaming Niche in My YouTube Channel You Can Subscribe My YouTube Channel Also.

There is a lot of Gaming Categories to Make Website on it. Down is some Ideas you can use it.

  1. Gaming News
  2. Gaming Tips and Tricks
  3. Gaming Skills
  4. Gaming Reward like Pubg Mobile Rewards
  5. Games Updates
  6. Pubg Mobile Rewards like Gun skins,Helmet Skins,Bagpack Skins, Car Skins,Aeroplane Skins,Etc.
  7. Pubg Mobile Rank Rewards.
  8. Tencent Gaming

#4. Education

Friends, the fourth Niche Is Education. In this niche you can Give education on Specific Category like School, Health, exercise,etc. In this niche you will get lot of traffic and by monetizing it you can earn Lot of Money.

Friends education websites ranks Quickly and You will get traffic in short Time. So all of you can create a Educational website.

Down Below is some ideas you can work on it -

  1. Exam Date
  2. Exam Result Date and Exam Date
  3. Gujarat police Selection Date
  4. Exam Syllabus ,etc.

#5. Blogging

Friends, the last topic is Blogging. If You have a Good Knowledge in Blogging You can Share Your Know with the World By Making A website related To Blogging. And than you will earn money by Website Monetization on Google Adsense or Different Ad Network.

You will start Your website of Blogging you get a good Amount of Online Earnings by Getting their Opinion.

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In this post i will tell you about Best Blogging Niches 2020. If you use any One Of this Niches you will absolutely get Good Amount of Traffic and Earn with website Monetization with Google Adsense or any Other Ad Network, yet if you have any problem than you will Comment me Below i will definitely Help You.

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