How to remove kinemaster logo and remove watermark

How to remove kinemaster logo and remove watermark/Logo Of Kinemaster and get no Watermark.

How to remove kinemaster logo and remove watermark

In this video i tell you about how to remove logo of kinemaster app for free no money to waste on it to download app click


download link


This is I modify the kinemaster app and then I remove kinemaster logo/Watermark from this app and I give this app to you.


1. Kinemaster without watermark -

In this picture no kinemaster watermark logo is there.

2. Nice Chroma key -

In this nice Chroma key feature is there for video overlay, overlay intros,etc.

3. No advertisement -

In this feature advertisement are there in kinemaster app.

4. Not paid all things are free -

In this all things are free get all feature free.

5. Easy to export-download in gallery -

In this feature if you want to download-export the video you edited click on the share button and then click on the save To Gallery and then choose the high definition button for easy and fast download export in your gallery-storage.

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Thanks for Reading hope you that you use my kinemaster without watermark app.


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